Shanghai Minhang construction waste broken

Project introduction
[project location]: Minhang, Shanghai
[broken raw material]: construction waste
[equipment configuration]: dmi-100rsx
[output]: 80-150 tons per hour

Dmi-100rsx crawler moving impact crusher and screen integrated machine at Minhang site: the main machine adopts high wear-resistant materials and large crushing chamber, so that its feeding particle size is large, the product is stable, the output is high and the particle shape is good. The rear frame of crusher is opened by hydraulic pressure, which is convenient for maintenance. Its standard configuration is external power supply type, simple and efficient, high reliability, equipment maintenance and operation costs significantly reduced. Especially with the concept of external power supply, the fuel cost of diesel engine can be saved by more than 25%. Its latest integrated design of crawler mobile crushing and screening enables the equipment to be put into production immediately after arriving at the site, and two kinds of finished materials can be produced quickly, which can be described as excellent in speed, economy and performance.


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